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Our Services.


Buy Individual Items or Entire Collections

We are always looking for new items to sell in our store. We pride ourselves on giving a fair price for toys, individually or in entire collections, and would love to see what you've got. Have a look in your basement or your attic! There is always a collector out there looking to complete their collection and we'd love to help them out, and get you some extra cash too! We can also help out with estate sales.

Appraise Value of Collections

Whether it's for insurance purposes, an estate, or you just want to know what you've got and how much it could be worth, we can help out. Our knowledgeable staff is quite experienced in matter of "all things toy", and if we're stumped, we know a vast circle of collectors who can help out too!

Consignment in Our Shop

If you aren't in a hurry to sell your item and you'd like us to help you deal with potential buyers, we have a complete consignment service. For a nominal fee you can get more people to see your toys daily, and we can manage the overall sale of your items with ease.


Accesories Completion

We have a large collection of weapons and parts from numerous lines of toys. If you have that great action figure that just needs the original accesories that went with it when new, we may be able to help you out.

Provide ZOLOWORLD Protective Cases

Keep your prized figures safe in one of our ZOLOWORLD protective cases. They are reasonably priced and are effective in properly caring for and displaying your treasured keepsakes.

Unknown Toy Identification

We specialize in obscure toy lines, 70s and 80s, but also so much more. If we haven't seen it, then it must be ultra-rare! Try and stump us with your collectible toy. If we can't tell you, we can definitely find out!

Clean NES/SNES/N64/Genesis Systems and Games

With a huge resurgence in retro gaming, we are seeing more and more people pulling out their old systems and stepping back in gaming time. Make sure your system operates the best it possibly can by allowing us to gently clean it up for you. Contact us for details.


Please email or call us with any questions at all.




12 PM TO 7 PM

10 AM TO 5 PM



710B King Street E.
Cambridge ON
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